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Annual subscriptions to the Plant Management Network are for 12 months, commencing the date the network subscription is purchased. Subscription allows unlimited personal access to all resources found on using a unique individual User Name and Password.

Regular Network Subscription - for all individuals except those who have an affiliation with a qualifying network partner.

Discounted Network Subscription - for those who are members of or employed by a qualifying network partner. Current qualifying partners include:

American Phytopathological Society - APS
American Society of Agronomy - ASA
American Society for Horticultural Science - ASHS
Canadian Phytopathological Society - CPS
Canadian Society of Agronomy - CSA
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology - CAST
CropLife America
Crop Science Society of America - CSSA
Entomological Society of America - ESA
National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants - NAICC
Society of Nematologists
USGA Member Clubs (valid for current employees and officers)
Weed Science Society of America - WSSA
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